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REKO has been a pioneer in the fulfillment industry since the dawn of the internet. When internet marketing and fulfillment were only buzzwords and there was no "out of the box" software to address the unique requirements of high speed, flexible, soft coded "multi-client" warehouse management systems (WMS), REKO built out its own in-house software development team that to this day has caused REKO to distanced itself from the competition.

When you know there’s a better way, and nothing off-the-shelf suits you, call REKO. Whether you’re looking to build something entirely brand new, extend the life of legacy software or integrate disparate systems, we can help define and implement the right technology strategy. We offer software development services to complement in-house capabilities and accelerate user adoption.

We're continually re-investing in ourselves. Our state-of-the-art automation equipment allows us to pick and pack a high volume of orders with complete accuracy and, typically, 24-hour turn-around time. Costly, cutting-edge, eCommerce software facilitates our ability to process orders from your customers in a timely and secure manner. Why make the pricey capital investment in expensive infrastructure when you can ‘rent’ ours at a better value?


Strategy & Design

Product Strategist/Designer works with you to scope and design a solution that will delight users and achieve your business goals. Due to REKO's vast knowledge of the fulfillment industry and related software, there may be an out of the box solution you are not aware of that simply needs integration into your current WMS. REKO will gladly perform these integration services for you and hopefully save you the expense of customization when practical.


We operate in 3-week sprint cycles. New functionality is delivered in small increments at a continuous pace to allow for user testing and client feedback.


We understand that your success goes well beyond launch day. We’ll work with you to manage the unexpected and keep your systems performing optimally.

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Bad, poorly designed software running on frustrating devices causes real business harm. Talk to the experts in fulfillment requirements. REKO DEVELOPMENT CORP.

REKO QC module

REKO's proprietary VERI-PAX QC Software for product verification and instantaneous multi-carrier label printing

REKO Development designed, engineered and copyrighted an advanced Quality Control/Order Pack verification software module that interacts with multiple carriers such as the USPS, FedEx, UPS and others, to provide individual outbound order shipping labels as fast as 4 seconds or less. The QC operator has the ability to effortlessly switch between carriers "on the fly", thus eliminating the requirement to process orders in batches segregated by specific carrier. By pre-manifesting the item weight, the need to weigh each package is eliminated. One QC/label printing line can easily process 15 orders per minute which makes our efficiencies some of the best in the industry.


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