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Established in 1994, REKO is a veteran in the fulfillment and e-Commerce industry with satisfied customers around the globe. We go back to before the Internet….and we’re here to stay! Some of our clients have even been with us since the last century!


Our staff of professionals has many years of industry experience, from logistics, operations, programming, marketing and web and graphics design. We pride ourselves in being responsive and adaptable to a constantly changing eCommerce environment.

Know How

We KNOW HOW to take care of our Clients... and their Customers. It’s all about the Customer Experience and we’re proud to say we have a 99.99% accuracy rate! We’re in Kansas City and have that crazy Midwest work ethic; we want to keep everyone happy!


Optimized to fit your unique fulfillment needs. We can customize our processes so you don’t have to deal with the headaches of fulfillment. Give us your headaches and let us do what we do best, so you can spend your time doing what you do best!

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It all comes down to trust

At REKO Fulfillment, we know the seriousness of placing the future of your business in our hands. You are not only trusting us with your valuable inventory, you are demonstrating confidence that we will be excellent stewards of your business….both now and in the future as you grow.

We can proudly say that our reputation and our list of satisfied clients reflect the integrity that is the bedrock of our company charter. Our oath to you is to protect the data, confidentiality, work product and assets of your business as if they were our own. And in many ways, with REKO as your partner, they are.

At REKO we understand the importance of giving back. Our communities, our children, our veterans are a vital and cherished part of our lives. We proudly support and contribute to the following organizations and encourage you to get involved today!